Proud sponsor of korfball club Kv Vitesse

For those who haven’t heard yet: a large group of (Vitesse) people will participate in the beautiful challenge called Alpe d’HuZes.
Wijnand Molijn of BMS Forwarding managed to get a group of more than 20 participants together, who are accompanied by almost as many supporters and supervisors.
On June 1st they hope to conquer the Alpe d’Hues (1 to a maximum of 6 times on the same day!). And all this, of course, with only 1 big goal: to raise more money for research into the fight against cancer in all its facets.

Would you like to encourage the participants by making a donation? Please click on below link:
Stichting Alpe d’HuZes – BMS Forwarding 2 (

Thanks to everyone who made this wonderful result possible!
After E3 took the championship on October 2, 2021, it was up to the BMS-Forwarding sponsored team on October 9, 2021 to show why they are the deserved champions. With a large audience along the line, Julia, Mieke, Jaden, Max, Lars and Diederik quickly made it clear why this team is winning game after game. Led by Ashley and Lars, a neat 14-1 final score was reached. With a goal difference of +65, this team can shine once more on Saturday 16 October during the last game of this field season.